A false start…

Patterns to be checked, interviews and articles not recieved yet, and Christmas approaching too fast.  The first issue of The Quarter Inch will now not be out until the New Year.  I feel that to go to press now would be rushed, and to leave it any longer means overseas readers won’t get a copy until after Christmas.

The content so far is fab, so please bookmark us and come back in Januray when the finishing touches will be done…



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Busy Writing

Production on the Zine is ticking along well.  Patterns are being tested and I am in the process of doing my favourite job – selecting the fabric to go on the cover! 

Photo’s will be posted on here soon…

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Just dropping in to say the Zine is coming along well.  We are busy interviewing, writing patterns and doing that oh so hard job of researching what new fabric to have featured on the front cover of the first issue!

Sarah Quilter is reviewing the Festival of Quilts for the Zine this weekend, so if you are going and have any comments on any aspect of it drop by her blog and leave her a comment – we’d love to hear from you.  I am making the epic journey there on Sunday wearing comfy shoes and carrying a big shopping bag!

Happy Quilting – we’ll be back with more info at the beginning of September.

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