Submissions Please!

The Quarter Inch is seeking submissions for it’s first issue.  The Zine is a DIY publication written by quilters so we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.  Ideas for articles we are currently seeking are below, but if you have any other suggestions, then we’d love to hear from you.

Patterns, this is the starter issue so anything for those new to quilting, or perhaps a quirky technique to push the boundaries of those acomplished stitchers

Interview with a store owner, how they started what they are doing, what tips they have, what ranges are selling well.  It would be good if they have a website for readers to link to.

Review a fabric range

Jury’s Out column –  are there any issues you would like to discuss within quilting.  Perhaps you would like to write an article about hand sewing vs machine piecing, or about whether or not to display your work at quilt shows

All ideas for submissions need to be receieved by 20th August, with the final piece written by 10th September.  You can either leave a comment on here and I’ll get in contact, or email  We are so sorry we cannot pay for submissions at the moment as we don’t have any advertising in our first issue yet, and if we do get any it will go towards the cost of printing.  However, you will get a free copy of the Zine, plus a plug for your blog/etsy store/website or anywhere else you may sell you work. 

Other articles currently being written are:

Book Reviews

Review of the Festival of Quilts

10 ways with Suffolk Puffs/Yo Yo’s

A true beginners pattern – with feedback from a non quilting busy working mum of 2

and each issue will have a cocktail recipe named after and inspired by a quilt block!
Hope to hear from you soon!




July 9, 2007. Submissions. Leave a comment.